You Can Climb the Oslo Opera House After Work

It is not surprising why Scandinavian architectural studios have taken the world by storm. People in many cities have been longing for stunning buildings that combine function, efficiency, and  a people-friendly design…  and you know, Scandi studios master this.

Take a look at Snøhetta, the acclaimed Norwegian architectural firm that designed one of my personal top 10 buildings in the Nordic countries, the Oslo Opera House. Few 0pera houses are as well integrated into the urban landscape. The building is a piece of art in itself. Outside, slopes of white marble rise from the fiord and invite you to stroll up to the top. Inside, a keyless lobby, open 24/7, symbolizes the Scandinavian standard of friendliness and safety.

After taking care of a day of business in Oslo, do not resist the temptation to climb to the top.









Pictures by me on a sunny Spring day.


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