A Smartwatch May Be on Your Wrist Sooner than You Expected

There’s something about trying new devices. Do you remember your first experience with an iPad or a smartphone? When testing our Krak search app with this brand new Apple Watch I felt like it was my Back to the Future experience.

Many wonder if we really need this new wearable. Google Glass has already come and gone and some still expect the same fate for other upcoming technologies, but watch out—a wearable may be on your wrist sooner than you expected.

Google unveiled Google Glass expecting that consumer adoption would be solely driven by the draw of the new technology and failed in this unforgiving world where consumers are motivated by social fashion trends.

Apple learned from Google’s mistakes: The Apple Watch is positioned as a lifestyle product rather than a tech gadget. For the first time in Apple history, an upgrade in price results in an upgrade in design, but not in technology power. Technologically, it is a one-size-fits-all product. In design, Apple aims for the high-fashion market, competing against Louis Vuitton bags.

Apple hired two big names from the fashion industry: Angela Ahrendts (CEO of Burberry) and Paul Deneve (CEO of YSL) to get big spenders to love this watch. Meanwhile, Google is partnering with the folks at TAG Heuer developing a sleek connected watch to be released soon.

It’s true that the Apple Watch has not yet achieved “must have” status. Sales figures from the first versions of the iPhone, iPod, and iPad were somewhat disappointing, too. So, you never know. You may be wearing a smartwatch soon.

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