7 Signs You Are Having Amazing Summer Holidays

Here are some clear signs you’re on the fast-track to spending quality time with friends, family, and yourself this summer:


#1 You go real social.
You set a better location for your social network than your smartphone. The venue includes great food, a casual setting, and the people who have stuck with you against all odds. This definitely boosts your “likes.”


#2 You don’t drive; you walk.
La Croisette is made for walking in style. You avoid looking like a misplaced Red Bull triathlete on the promenade. Real men dare to wear long trousers in the evening, and smart women dress up.

#3 When you drive, you do it vintage.
PlayStation is not enough for you, so you rent the real thing—adding some classic cars to your driving experience. You smile as you drive along summer roads in a Citroën DS, an American convertible, or a cool Italian red something.



#4 You sunbathe in art.
Summer art exhibitions provide a great break from pools, beaches, and parks. You know when to put down your sunglasses and find inspiration for you and your family with the best colours of the summer.


#5 You have a better time reading than following Facebook updates.
You give your time to first class entertainment that is delivered via paperbacks or your favourite e-reader. You are not scared of 50 pages of non-stop quality entertainment enjoyed during a slow, summer afternoon.


#6 You travel with style.
You show up at check-in (if it still exists at your local airport) in your best look, and you know how to handle overbooking with a smile that beams you instantly to upgraded seats.



#7 You know how to trim sails.
If sailing is part of your summer plan, it’s a clear sign that things cannot go wrong. Here in Scandinavia, people know that the coast is even more beautiful when viewed from offshore. You know that there are few experiences in nature more magical than being pulled by the wind at sea.


1 and 7: Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon in Saint Tropez photographed by Willy Rizzo.
2 and 3: Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in “To Catch a Thief” by Alfred Hitchcock (1955).
4: Serpentine Pavillion 2015 by Selgas Cano, London.
5: Michelle William in “My week with Marylin” by Simon Curtis (2011).
6: Sabena Lounge in the 50’s, Brussels Airport.

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