Berlin: A Tale of Three Cities

You can never get enough of Berlin. East and West Berlin give us two different ways of understanding the modern movement. And the unified, contemporary Germany offers a third dimension of the modern lifestyle. Enjoy this great city during your next trip to Germany. Here you have some personal snapshots of this great city.



Berlin-modern-20-e1446671025403 Berlin-modern-1-e1446670923132 Berlin-modern-2-e1446670943856 berlin-modern-3-e1446670958482 Berlin-modern-4-e1446670974158 Berlin-modern-6 Berlin-modern-8 Berlin-modern-9-e1446670998982 Berlin-modern-10 Berlin-modern-21-e1446671054508 Berlin-modern-23 Berlin-modern-27-e1446671070930 Berlin-modern-25 Berlin-modern-28-e1446671094298 Berlin-modern-29-e1446670885631 Berlin-modern-30 Berlin-modern-31-e1446671126776

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