The Mug That Came From The Cold

I start my day with coffee poured into a good piece of Scandinavian design. My cup is a Kai Frank design for the Finnish porcelain factory Arabia, a factory that revolutionized design in postwar Europe.

Well known for their classic porcelain collections, Arabia surprised everyone with its next line, Kilta, designed by Kai Frank. Suddenly Arabia’s well-known romantic style was replaced by new simple, and timeless tableware designs capturing the essence of clean cut Scandinavian design. No wonder it won design awards in London and Milano soon after.

Kilta was relaunched by Ittala and renamed Teema in 1981. Today this 60 years old design is one of Ittala’s best selling series. Practical, stackable and modular, Arabia is one of the many inspirations for Swedish giant IKEA products now found in homes all over the world.

Kaj Franck

Celebrating “Kaj Franck 100 Years”, stylish Finnish stamp design by Sanna Taskinem.


The collaboration between the Finnish blogger Susanna Vento and Iittala.


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