Why this blog?

I could not help it. Like millions of people, I consider myself modern, but I felt an urge to explore what lies behind the idea of modernism and its positive attitude toward innovation. So, you can expect to read here about architecture, design, art and digital media, from Mid-Century Modern to the digital age.

About Ricardo Cámara

I came to Denmark from Spain in the mid-1990s, in one of the loveliest summers in memory. I quickly became fascinated by a society that chose to value people and the creative spirit – but at the same time had a keen eye for business and technology. That fascination is alive and well. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy my work in the digital business.

This blog covers my interest about the Modern Movement from Mid-Twentieth century to today. From architecture to Digital Media.
Danish is my everyday language and Spanish could be an option, but I’ll write in English in order to reach the broadest possible audience with this blog.