Moonbase Alpha is Secretly Located in a Danish Hospital

One of the most brilliant pieces of retro-futurist design in Scandinavia is the Herlev Hospital at the outskirts of Copenhagen. Get ready to travel back to a time when the future was a bit brighter and polyester was fashionable.

Designed in the mid-60s, this hospital included the most advanced medical technologies of the time. Delivered ten years later, the price tag for the building ended up costing five times the original budget, one of the biggest building scandals in Danish history.

Most of the original design is a well-preserved copy of Moonbase Alpha from “Space 1999”. Just the elevator ride (top picture) is worth the trip.

-“Eagle One Four. This is Doctor Russell…”





My pictures and the ITC pictures of the cast of the British series “Space: 1999.”

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