7 reasons why you should be in Denmark for Christmas

Denmark is seriously reinventing its Christmas traditions, so If you have always wondered what it would be like to experience a refreshingly Nordic Christmas, now is the time. It only takes a few minutes to pick up your phone and call that Danish family you met on holidays or that business girl from the last business fair and get invited. A SAS or Norwegian seat is waiting with your name on it to a Scandinavian country that can offer new experiences fuelled by design. Continue reading “7 reasons why you should be in Denmark for Christmas”

9 Ways Tyler Brûlé Has Changed Your Life

No worries if you have never heard of Tyler Brûlé, because many of us working with advertising, marketing, design, and media have. And much of what you have seen, liked and done in the last 15 years has been heavily influenced by Brûlé and the people behind Wallpaper* magazine. Wallpaper* was the must-read glossy, global living guide for future trends at the turn of the century. Continue reading “9 Ways Tyler Brûlé Has Changed Your Life”

The good (Danish) life

Our family enjoys living in a housing project in Greater Copenhagen designed in the sixties by one of the most prominent architectural studios at that time, Fællestegnestuen. It is a high-density development with an inward-looking plan clearly inspired by kasbahs. The exterior walls are plain white facades without windows, but there are large windows facing the garden. The one-story atrium houses are built in a grid in which car and foot traffic are completely grade-separated. You can ride your bike many kilometers in the city without crossing a road.

Modern Home For A Modern Family

While working for the city council during the 1920’s, Ángel González produced some of the best romantic palaces and historicist buildings in the city of Cáceres, in Western Spain. Some might have originally expected him to continue on that trajectory during that prosperous period in Spain, but González shifted dramatically into Functionalism, designing the most modern housing in Cáceres at his time. Continue reading “Modern Home For A Modern Family”