Bad Guys Get All The Best Homes

It has long been said that bad guys get all the best locations in movies. The pimp Pierce Patchett in the classy movie LA Confidential is a good example. Following the best film noir tradition, the film was shot mostly on location in Los Angeles, and Patchett gets to live in the architectural masterpiece Lovell Health house from Richard Neutra as his home.


Considered one of the most important buildings of the 20th century, it is definitely one of my favorites. Build 86 years ago, it is far more modern than any other building of our time. The Lovell Health home is not just eye candy. It is one of the first American houses built on an steel frame and involves an innovative use of concrete that attracted more than 15,000 visitors during the first weeks after its completion.

Lowell H Neutra

I won’t include any movie sequences from L.A. Confidential here due to copyright issues. But I encourage you to watch the film and enjoy the Oscar-winning plot, the Oscar-winning performances and the Oscar-nominated Art Direction and Set Design.

LA confindetial architecture

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