3-D Cinema Leaves You Really Flat Compared To The New Samsung Gear VR

The Danish Internet Award is where you put digital agencies, media agencies, and the biggest advertisers in one place to celebrate the best in digital communication. We at Eniro decided to be a sponsor again.

We wanted to give the attendees a taste of the future to come, and in cooperation with Samsung, we let the people experience the new Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, which integrates smoothly with the new Samsung Galaxy S6.



There is no question that this is the real 3-D. I indulged myself last week flying low above Iceland and attending a weird performance by the Cirque du Soleil, standing in the middle of the stage. It was an immersive experience in all directions following a natural perspective. It is far more exciting than the pop-up book experience that 3-D cinema offers today.


The interesting part is how third-party developers will make the whole thing even much more exciting.DigitasLBi won an award at DIA15 for launching a car that has not been produced yet. Creating a virtual experience for this premium segment vehicle online and a virtual test drive with Oculus Rift at the Paris Motor Show, Volvo sold 1,927 first-edition XC90 cars online in only 47 hours.

Welcome to the digital future.

The new Volvo does not exist yet. Picture from DigitasLBi at the Paris Motor Show.

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